In Memoriam

Life Member Mickey Boyle

(April 3, 1937 – March 29, 2014)

By the late Wilf. Reeves, Toronto

“He is a Kinsman,” let it be
A mark of true nobility;
A badge that all are proud to wear,
An honoured name that none would dare
To taint with word or action less
Than honesty and goodliness.

“He is a Kinsman,” let it stand
For those who love their native land;
For strong Canadians free and true
Who Vision mighty tasks to do
To weld and build the true North zone
By resident brain and strength alone.

“He is a Kinsman,” let it mean
That he has sensed and he has seen
The depths of misery and pain
Around him, and his duty plain –
He’ll strive some health and help to bring
The needy and those suffering.

“He is a Kinsman,” let it lend
Conviction to the name of “friend”
Let heart reach out to heart to find
That mind has linked itself with mind;
Let comradeship so weld the tie
That Kinsmanship will never die.